7 Bucket List Countries for Trips of a Lifetime

Cascading hot springs

The countries that offer monumental trips of a lifetime have a large number of attractions, including impressive architecture, breathtaking landscapes, delicious food, distinctive culture, and diverse adventures. The seven bucket list countries in this post include this and so much more. They are a must for your travel destination bucket list.

Of the 50 countries we have traveled to, some we have visited a few times, and a couple of them we love the lifestyle so much that we return annually. With so many fascinating countries in the world, it is hard to pick our favorites. Every country we visit offers unique once in a lifetime trips. But these seven bucket list countries are among our favorites, and they are countries we want to return to. We highly recommend you visit them at least once in your life! Keep reading to discover the seven bucket list countries and why they will provide you with trips of a lifetime.

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The Best Social Distancing Vacations For You

bushwalking in a national park

Impromptu getaways make life fun and exciting. Additionally, weekend vacations allow you time to rejuvenate and are good for your mental health. However, travel at this time is still on hold for some people, and many have been searching our website for social distancing vacation ideas. For those people who worry about catching Covid, it is advisable to take care by maintaining social distancing. Therefore we have compiled the best social distancing vacations for you. These social distancing vacation ideas allow you to get away without the stress and worry of being near other people.

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Travel More, Buy Less. Why Spend Less Money on Things & More on Travel 

Sunset view of palm trees in New Zealand

People often say, “money can’t buy you happiness.” But actually, it can buy you things, and it can buy you experiences. On top of that, if you travel more, buy less, you will find yourself richer in many more ways than buying material things will give you. This post is about why you need to find time for travel and why to make it a priority in your life. It is about how to travel more and work less, reasons to travel abroad, and why you need to spend less money on things and more on travel.

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Take a Couples Staycation with These Romantic Staycation Ideas for Couples

Sunset over water at Queenstown, New Zealand

There’s currently a lot of demand for staycations. On top of that, Google searches show a lot of demand for staycation ideas for couples. Staycation activities for couples need to be both fun and include a bit of romance. Therefore, this post is for all the couples out there to help you take a fun couples staycation. 

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29 Best Hobbies for Travel Lovers

piano on street

Hobbies can develop your creativity and make you feel happy. Additionally, they eradicate boredom. As the last couple of years have been about staying at home, due to coronavirus travel restrictions, we took the opportunity to explore new hobbies to replace the stimulation that traveling offered in the past. We have, therefore, compiled this list of best hobbies for travel lovers. They are for people who typically like to travel. 

These are hobbies that you can start while travel is still limited or even while traveling. Travelers love these hobbies as they make you feel like you are traveling, or they’re helpful while traveling.

Please read on for 29 Best Hobbies for Travel Lovers.

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54 Things To Do On A Staycation in Your Home Town


No matter how much you crave it, sometimes you can not go on an overseas holiday. You may lack funds, have no time, or the worldwide pandemic restrictions are limiting where you can holiday. Having a holiday in your local area is a perfect choice during times like these. Therefore, we’ve written this post to give you ideas for things to do on a staycation in your home town! This post is about things you can do in your town to turn your home town into a holiday destination. It is for anyone who wants to have a holiday. Please keep reading for 54 Things To Do On A Staycation in Your Home Town.

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