Travel More, Buy Less. Why Spend Less Money on Things & More on Travel 

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People often say, “money can’t buy you happiness.” But actually, it can buy you things, and it can buy you experiences. On top of that, if you travel more, buy less, you will find yourself richer in many more ways than buying material things will give you. This post is about why you need to find time for travel and why to make it a priority in your life. It is about how to travel more and work less, reasons to travel abroad, and why you need to spend less money on things and more on travel.

When the world changed in 2020, people changed with it. Many of us learned some lessons about being prepared for future events. We also learned we could survive in dire circumstances. Some people realized they loved socializing, and others realized that they didn’t mind staying at home. Some people felt the loss of not going out, socializing, or traveling.

As lockdowns and travel restrictions have eased, there are now opportunities to travel. There are now opportunities to shape your life by placing emphasis on enjoying it more, gaining new experiences, and learning how to travel more, buy less. Now is the time to make traveling a priority in your life (as soon as you feel it is safe to do so, of course.)

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Travel More, Buy Less Things. Why You Need To Spend Your Money On Travel!

Traveling is Fun

Many people ask us, “Is spending money on travel worth it?” Our answer is always, “Hell Yeah. Traveling is fun!” When you spend your weekdays getting ready to go to work, getting to and from work, working eight hours in full-time jobs, and then winding down from work, it leaves limited time each day to have fun.

When you are traveling, you have time to have fun every day. There is time for dining out, having drinks in new places, exploring surroundings, and doing activities that you find fun.

Additionally, you have more energy to have fun when traveling as you haven’t spent all day using up your energy for your job.

Pompeii, Italy

Travel Makes You Happier

Studies have scientifically proven that travel makes you happier. They have compared the excitement of buying new things to traveling and concluded the excitement fades quickly once the new item becomes ordinary. In comparison, with travel, the happiness you feel stays with you long after the event.

Therefore, travel is better for your mental health than buying things.

Travel More, Buy Less! Take a Trip Anywhere & Enjoy a Better Lifestyle

Travel is not just about exotic locations around the world and fancy beach resorts; Travel is taking a trip anywhere. It includes travel to domestic destinations and can be a staycation in a nearby town. It can even be a day trip.

So instead of buying a new outfit, shoes, or decoration for your home, spend your money on a travel adventure.

Further, taking a trip anywhere, for even a day, is one of the simplest ways to learn how to travel more and work less!

However, to make the most out of traveling, it is best to allow yourself time to wind down from your everyday life. We recommend you go away for at least 2-3 nights. 

“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.”

– Unknown.

Travel Helps You Rejuvenate

Taking a break from work and all the chores in your life gives you time to rejuvenate and de-stress. While you can do this while taking time off work and staying at home, you are most likely to leave your daily tasks behind when you go away somewhere. This break allows you to rest, relax and rejuvenate yourself.

Further, travel gives you time for healthy activities that increase your physical health, such as yoga or walking.

Spending your money on travel rather than things is one of the best ways how to travel more and work less. It will improve your lifestyle and help you rejuvenate yourself a lot more than buying things. (Unless you have purchased a home gym and spa, of course!)

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Travel Allows You To Learn New Things

Traveling, especially somewhere you have never been before, gives you the chance to learn. The history, geography, and arts of a place are prevalent things travelers love learning.

Further, if you are traveling to a foreign country, travel enables you to learn about new cultures and languages.

Learning about new cultures is one of the foremost reasons to travel abroad.

Travel Enables You To Broaden Your Horizons

When you learn new things, you broaden your horizons. By seeing how other people live, you can see a different way you may want to live your life.

When you broaden your horizons, it helps you make changes in your everyday life and consequently live a better life.

This is one of the best reasons to travel more, buy less. It is also one of the biggest reasons to travel abroad.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

Mark Twain.

Travel Helps You Meet People

A travel lifestyle allows us to focus on having a good time instead of being preoccupied with doing things that help us run our lives. It includes meeting people.

We find we are a lot friendlier when traveling, and other travelers have reported the same. They also say that they find it easier to meet people when traveling.

Additionally, people help make travel experiences more memorable and fun. It’s one of the reasons traveling is fun. There are people we have met while traveling that have become lifelong friends. In fact, we both met while traveling in Asia. We are still together after twenty years.

Charles Bridge, Prague selfie
Meeting people on Charles Bridge, Prague

Travel Gives You Memories to Look Back On to Carry You Through the Darker Days

It is a massive bonus of travel that the memories stay with you for a long time. They can last a lifetime if you spend time reflecting and looking through photos of your trips.

One of our favorite pastimes is to talk about past travels, look at old travel photos, or share our travel images on social media. During Covid lockdowns and extended stays at home, it was one of the activities that bought joy to our lives.

Travel Helps You Enjoy the Little Things

When we are busy working and surviving and doing the same things every day, we don’t really allow ourselves time to “smell the roses.”

We love that when we are traveling, we allow ourselves time for simple pleasures. These things include perusing paintings for hours in an art gallery, sitting in a coffee shop watching the street life, or relaxing in a park while gazing at nature.

We love spending an entire day enjoying the little things that make us smile. These simple pleasures are the elements that we love most about travel.

Travel Allows You To Escape

Travel is an excellent escape from things that make you sad or anxious or any difficulties in your life.

If life is challenging for you and you have some spare money, we urge you to go away. A weekend of leaving your worries behind can help you de-stress and possibly see a new perspective. At a minimum, it will give you a new experience.

In conclusion, travel makes you happier, mentally and physically healthier, and broadens your horizons. Plus, traveling is fun! These are excellent reasons to travel abroad or locally.

Some people think that travel is a waste of money and better spent paying bills and buying things. But we hope this post has given you enough reasons to spend your next bit of savings on travel, to travel more, buy less, and start living a traveling lifestyle.

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  1. Great Post – I couldn’t agree more with all of these points. I firmly believe travel makes you a better person just because you are constantly confronted with different beliefs, traditions and points of views. No object you can buy is able to do that…

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