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Welcome back to the ‘Travel Blogger Resources’ series. This series is about sharing industry news, blogging tips and inspiration for travel bloggers, content creators and anyone interested. And it is also a record of our progress. In this post, we will be talking about blog goals for bloggers.

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We recently asked 36 bloggers and content creators on Twitter what their blog goals are for 2020. We found the new year was an inspirational time for bloggers, and there were many inspiring blog goals. Though, while some unique goals stood out from the pack, most bloggers had similar goals.

And while the euphoria of the new year produces abundant hope and inspiration, as the year progresses goals seem to get pushed to the side. So for your reference and inspiration, here is a list of the most popular blog goals, as chosen by 36 bloggers. All of these blog goals are on our list this year. Later on, in this post, we will let you know our highest priority. 

This post includes goals by bloggers, and its focus is on blogging. However, we have also consulted other content creators. We found many of these goals are relevant and beneficial to all content creators.

In no particular order, here are the most popular blog goals to add to your To-Do list for this year. Whether you are a new blogger or have blogged for years, you will benefit from achieving these goals.

Blog Goals

Blog Traffic

The most important goal of every content creator we spoke to was to increase their blog traffic. There were several ways that most bloggers thought would increase their traffic. Keep reading as other points cover this. 

We recommend that you learn as much as you can about how to increase your blog traffic. Unfortunately, it won’t come on its own. Just Google “blog traffic” and start learning. Here’s some reading to get you started – 7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 206%.” We have found Neil Patel (ranked by Forbes as one of the top 10 marketers) an invaluable resource.

Post Content Regularly

The most mentioned goal for all bloggers was to post content routinely. Whether that is a weekly or fortnightly blog post, the goal is to establish a routine. 

We find it motivational to join twitter blog share groups such as #TravelBlogTuesday. We find it drives us to reach our goal each week, as we are eager to share our latest blog post in a group. And we treat it as a way of accountability. Also, for accountability, we have created a blog schedule.

Create a Schedule of Your Blog Goals

We should have listed this as the No. 1 goal. Without a schedule in place, you may as well be walking in the dark. A schedule helps you keep track of and stick to your goals. 

We create a monthly schedule on an Excel spreadsheet. Then we list our publication dates for our blog and social media posts. We also schedule website maintenance. Further, we review it, and adjust accordingly, monthly.

Creating a schedule is the main thing that has helped us to reach our blog goals in 2020. If you do not have one, create one today.


At some point during their blogging journey, most bloggers recognise they need to learn about SEO. The reason is to rank in Google searches, and thus start getting organic traffic to their blog. It is the prime goal of all bloggers, no matter how long they have been blogging. 

When we launched our blog, we ignored SEO. With so much to learn about building a website, we didn’t have energy or time to learn about SEO. However, we realised, without it, we were limiting our blogs exposure to the audience where we promoted ourselves. We found our exposure on Google searches was fairly non-existent until after our first year of blogging when we started to learn about SEO. 

This year’s prime goal is to learn more about SEO. It is our highest priority. And thus, we can have organic traffic coming to our blog while we sleep. It is also one of the main goals of most of the bloggers we interviewed.

Learn New Skills 

Learning new skills and starting or finishing courses was one of the blog goals that many people agreed needed attention. Like ourselves, many bloggers have bought courses and never done them. Starting a blog and then, maintaining a website takes a lot of time. Therefore, the wish to learn new skills can remain indefinitely on the To-Do list. 

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With the new year bringing new dreams and goals, it is time for us to get back to basics. It is time to learn some of the things that we should have before we started our blogging journey. 

Is there a skill you wish you had learned or would like to learn? Add it to your To-Do list and let’s start learning and growing together!

Site Redesign

Speaking of learning new skills, the reason we have not redesigned our website is that we need to learn the skills to enable us to create a professional site. Despite liking our current theme, it has many shortcomings and does not optimise for mobile very well. 

We also need to dedicate the time to research a new theme, and when there is so much choice, the task can be never-ending. Therefore, a new site theme and site redesign are some of the goals we have put off.

However, by redesigning our site, it will improve website usability for our users as well as our SEO and performance. Plus, a more professional site will allow us to communicate our brand more effectively.

Site redesign and/or a new theme are one of the prominently mentioned goals by the bloggers in our group. For us, it is one of the goals that have the highest priority this year!

Redo Old Content 

As discussed earlier, most of the goals bought up by bloggers refer to the main goal, which is improving site traffic. Redoing old content is another way to do this.

It is one that most bloggers have on their list of goals this year. It is a prime goal that we also have. Furthermore, we have added redoing old content on our blogging schedule.

The main reason we are redoing our content is specifically for SEO. But also as we have grown as writers, we want to rewrite better versions of our stories and to increase flow and readability. 

Organize Photos

Writing and website design is only a small part of blogging. Unless you are a blogger that buys photos or downloads them from free sites, getting photos ready to publish is a lengthy task.

Taking photos plays just a tiny part. You then need to download them off your camera, edit and file them. It is a huge task for many travel bloggers who use their own photos. And, before you add them to your blog, you need to optimise them and name them correctly for SEO. It is an ongoing job. Many bloggers who start a blog do not realise/learn this until sometime after many blog posts.

Renaming photos for SEO is a goal several of the bloggers in the group have. Also, to correctly optimise them, so the large file sizes no longer slow down their website. Further, learning how best to do this is part of the goals mentioned, as was learning concepts of image editing. Along with organising photos, they are time-consuming tasks. 

We are pleased it was one of the things we learned early on. In return, for our early efforts, we find many of our photos ranking in Google searches.

Financial Return

Whether it is sponsorship and collaboration requests or affiliate marketing, most bloggers intend to monetize their blog. The main goal of bloggers in the group, who are making a financial return on blogging, is to increase revenue this year. The goal of bloggers, who haven’t yet monetized their blogs, is to learn how to monetize their blogs. That includes learning to build an affiliate presence that generates income.

Join a Tribe

Was the above list of goals helpful? We hope it inspires you to not only achieve your goals but also to realise that other bloggers are in the same situation as you. Therefore, this brings us to the last goal for this list.

We encourage you to join a tribe. Whether you find your tribe on Twitter or Instagram or other social media, join a tribe to inspire, motivate and support each other! Further, it is a great way to learn from each other. Blogging is often a thankless craft, and by associating with other bloggers, it can help you feel appreciated and understood.

Have you read our post Travel with the Twitter Travel Tribe? If you don’t find it informative, we are pretty sure you will find it entertaining.

Can you think of any blog goals to include on this list? We can! There are many goals on our list and the 36 bloggers who we interviewed. In this post, we have listed the popular goals that are on many bloggers lists.

Join us next week for Part 2 of “Blog Goals and Tips for Bloggers.”
You will learn some of the goals that you didn’t even know you should put on your list.

Lastly, Here’s a Bonus Blog Goal

Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements. Write down everything that you do for your blog, no matter how big or small. Then you can see how much you have done. And make sure to celebrate often! You deserve it!

Thank you to all the bloggers and content creators who participated in this chat on Blog Goals on the #ThankfulThursdayEveryday chat. It is you that inspires us to achieve every day.

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  1. As a new blogger, this post made me feel better that the things that are hard for me and take me forever, are just hard and time consuming! It’s part of the deal!

  2. Great post! You are so right about how amazing it is to connect with other travel bloggers through the travel tribe. I love reading everyone else’s posts and understanding their perspectives. Everyone can be such an inspiration 🙂

  3. This is certainly a great set of blog goals for the year. Our challenge is trying to balance blog and social media with actually travelling as much as we do. And trying to stay in the moment. Means we sometimes sprint and drift. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. what a great post! And basically everything I have been thinking of for my blog this year. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for this compilation. I have so many things to learn. This list will definitively be my to do list. Join a tribe is what helped me the most. So much inspiration when you are alone in front of your computer 😊

  6. Many thanks for the shoutout Oli and for the nod to #TravelBlogTuesday. If it’s to succeed it’s with the aid of people like yourself. It seems we are all on the same page going forward. This is inspiring.

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