Bloggers Tips for Blog Success in 2024

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While the new year provides motivation and encourages resolutions, the euphoria, hope, and inspiration felt at the start of the year often get cast aside as the year progresses. Yet, to have blog success, you need endless motivation and clear goals. 

So, to inspire and motivate you, we have compiled a list of the most valuable blog tips to help you grow and have blog success in 2024. It would help you if you had these blog tips on your list of blogging goals this year. Your website will benefit from these tips whether you are a new blogger or have blogged for years.

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Choosing Blog Content


Welcome to the latest edition of #TravelBlogTips chat review. Last month at the Twitter chat, we discussed choosing blog content. It is one of the most important decisions a blogger makes. Moreover, choosing the right content is often the difference between a successful blog with lots of traffic and one that has no readers.

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Blog Stats and Analytics


Blog stats and analytics are essential for any serious blogger. They aid you in tracking your performance. Further, they are necessary as they empower you by allowing you to see what your audience is reading and to gain insights about them. This can help you grow your blog and assist you in creating valuable content. Also, it allows you the opportunity to replicate your success. Further, monitoring your blog performance will enable you to find any performance issues that are affecting your traffic.

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Blogging in Lockdown & The Road Ahead

Blogging_in_Lockdown_&_The_ Road_Ahead

Recently the Travel Blog Tips crew held a live chat on “Blogging – the Road Ahead”. Forty-five bloggers attended to discuss what they were doing in lockdown and their vision for the future. The chat was not only about what people were doing in lockdown but about the future of travel and blogging. Ultimately it was about sharing inspiration and motivation with other bloggers and ideas on how to safeguard the future of our blogs in these unpredictable times. 

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Blog Photography Tips for Bloggers


Blog photography is an essential part of blogging, especially for travel blogs. When most bloggers start blogging, they don’t realise there is more to blog photography than shooting and uploading. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes, including researching equipment to use and planning of photo shoots. Then there is post-production including editing, optimising for SEO, placement and organisation of photos.

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Optimizing your Site Structure for SEO


No one tells you, setting up a blog by yourself is hard work. And the longer you do it, the more you realise you didn’t know anything when you started. There’s a lot to learn. There’s researching domains & hosting and how to use a platform (like WordPress). And then you need to learn how to set up your site structure for SEO and how to publish posts. And then there’s SEO and marketing.

Site structure refers to how you set up your pages and includes tags, categories, and links. Site structure is one of the things bloggers can take for granted. Yet it is important to Google. And a good site structure can help you rank higher in search engines. 

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Blogging Goals to Help You Grow!

Blog Goals & Tips for Bloggers Part 2


Thanks to everyone who read our post “Blog Goals & Tips for Bloggers.” We had a record-breaking 150 page views within 24 hours of publication. The feedback we received was astounding, and you helped us achieve one of our goals of increasing blog traffic! Moreover, it resonated with so many bloggers as these fundamental blogging goals are of the highest importance. Further, a post like this shows us we are not alone. Together, we gain more inspiration and motivation.

So, welcome back to Part 2 of “Blog Goals & Tips for Bloggers”. In this post, we will be delving further into blogging goals for bloggers. These goals are the goals that every blogger should have on their to-do list at some point in their blogging career. These are the goals that will help you grow as a blogger.

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