Blogging Goals to Help You Grow!

Blog Goals & Tips for Bloggers Part 2


Thanks to everyone who read our post “Blog Goals & Tips for Bloggers.” We had a record-breaking 150 page views within 24 hours of publication. The feedback we received was astounding, and you helped us achieve one of our goals of increasing blog traffic! Moreover, it resonated with so many bloggers as these fundamental blogging goals are of the highest importance. Further, a post like this shows us we are not alone. Together, we gain more inspiration and motivation.

So, welcome back to Part 2 of “Blog Goals & Tips for Bloggers”. In this post, we will be delving further into blogging goals for bloggers. These goals are the goals that every blogger should have on their to-do list at some point in their blogging career. These are the goals that will help you grow as a blogger.

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The inspiration for this post comes from our recent chat with 36 bloggers and content creators on Twitter about what their blogging goals are for 2020. Read here. The recurring theme of SEO, blog traffic and website design was predominant. Intentions of posting regularly and redoing old content were prevalent. And, along with creating schedules and organising images, learning new skills was on many bloggers lists.

While many blogging goals are ongoing tasks that bloggers need to do, we also found there were unique points mentioned. And while we may not complete every one of these this year, we feel it is important to share these valuable goals that every blogger should aspire to achieve.

Blogging Goals to Help You Grow!


Pinterest Marketing – Our No.1 Blogging Goal

We are starting with Pinterest as it’s a primary goal for us. Further, many bloggers had Pinterest as a goal for 2020. This goal includes putting in more effort and increasing Pinterest traffic, making pins for older posts and continuing to keep pinning new pins.

By increasing your Pinterest traffic, you can increase traffic to your blog. Those who don’t use Pinterest for marketing their blog are missing out on an enormous potential of referral traffic and engagement. We know this, yet after spending 2-3 days writing and publishing a post, we have ‘run out of steam’. Marketing yourself on Pinterest entails creating pins for all your posts. You need to spend time choosing images, work on graphic design and write a description. Further, ideally, you should have branding in place. (Let’s talk more about this goal next.)

Pinterest is just one of the ways to market yourself. There are many diverse ways; it deserves a post on its own! Our goal this year is to not only get our Pinterest traffic in order but to experiment with other traffic sources too.

Branding – A Blogging Goal We Should All Have

Surprisingly, none of the 36 bloggers in the group mentioned branding! However, it is important to have a visual identity. And for us, the lack of branding has held us back. Mostly it has been indecision, and because of it, we have put Pinterest pin creation on hold. But this year it’s an urgent goal for us.

When we talk about branding, we are not just talking about logos. We are talking about fonts, colours and overall feel and design of the blog. It also includes having consistent branding across all of your marketing (Pinterest included). Without branding, things can look a bit messy. With branding, people are more likely to remember you.  

Many bloggers we have spoken to believe branding is an ongoing process. However, at some point in the first two years of your blog, you should seriously consider it and start building a brand.


Finish Writing Drafts

We loved it when we heard bloggers mentioning their 100s of drafts! “We are not alone!” The half-written posts that never get published are typical for many travel bloggers. Sometimes they remain on the to-do list indefinitely. But completing these is a way to make your inspiration go further. 

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We found many reasons for unpublished posts. Too busy travelling has been our excuse for the last five years. Not enough travel to inspire content is another reason for other bloggers. But it’s also about the time and effort it takes to get beyond the draft. Tasks such as spelling and grammar check, optimizing the post for SEO, editing photos and layout can turn a fun project into a chore.

We have up to a hundred drafts! It’s time to start publishing them. Some have been in the drafts for five years. So for those dated posts, it is time to start deleting them. And it’s the time to make way for new inspiration.

Build an Email List

A few people mentioned growing their email list. One of the first rules suggested by many bloggers is to make sure you have an email list set up from the start. You don’t want to miss return traffic or subscribers, especially if you have a post that goes viral.

We have never paid much attention to growing our subscribers. We have the WordPress subscription service set up by default, but we have never pushed subscriptions. Mainly we haven’t had the time dedicated to set up a proper subscription service or a monthly newsletter. Secondly, we didn’t have a mailing address (and need one for most email marketing services such as Mailchimp) as we were travelling fulltime. 

So along with the new content, significant design improvements and all the marketing, we need to have a guaranteed way to get our readers to come back.

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Internal Linking and Backlinks

Creating internal links and backlinks are prominent goals of many of the bloggers in our group. It is another way of generating more traffic for your blog. By doing this, you improve the user experience and make your blog more Google-friendly. 

A site that has internal links to its content and external links to other websites has more relevance. Further, backlinks from other websites to your website are important for SEO, and it is a way to increase the domain authority of your blog. Having a higher domain authority means you have a better chance of ranking higher in search engines. And that’s what our ultimate goal is! A higher ranking means more traffic and more readers! Thus, Let’s get busy linking!  

Optimizing your Site Structure for SEO was the topic for #TravelBlogTips recent chat on Twitter.
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Blog Collaborations and Guest Posting

Another way to increase traffic and domain authority is by collaborations and guest posting. To do this regularly is a goal of many bloggers in the group. 

Guest Posting is the more common blog collaboration. It’s a goal that many bloggers have on their list, we included. One of the main reasons to do this is to get backlinks to your website. (See the above goal.) The link juice can increase your page authority and help your website rank in Google. We did one guest post and saw an instant jump of our domain authority within two weeks. Since then we haven’t allocated time to this, but this year we are making it a priority.

Additionally, blog collaboration includes linking between each others posts, blog comments and marketing on social media. Working with other bloggers is fun, and it can help you learn new things. It can also help you increase your reach. Plus, doing blog collaborations allows you to meet other bloggers.

Engage and Have Fun on Social Media

Furthermore, our favourite goal and a featured goal from the 36 travel bloggers in our group is to engage more deeply with the community. They know the value of building a social media presence.

Engaging in social media is a way to build a network. By doing this, you can gain inspiration and motivation. Further, you can increase your marketing reach. And chatting with like-minded people is fun!

Though beware, it can end up being a ‘time suck’, and you can end up spending more time on social media than your blog! (Believe us, we know! But having someone who shares your passions and celebrates your achievements makes it worth it!) Though, perhaps you can allocate time on your schedule as we have started doing.

Start Blogging Again

To conclude our post on blogging goals for 2020, it’s vital to mention the bloggers whose main goal is to find the time and energy to start blogging again. 

We have seen this many times over the years. While bloggers start fresh and full of energy, many bloggers stop blogging after their first year. Sometimes they have stopped travelling and have no content to write. Other times they have become unmotivated after not seeing any traffic or the success they imagined. And many times it is simply that life has taken over, and they are too busy. 

But often the passion is still there. So if this is you, don’t let your dreams stay dreams. Read last weeks post Blogging Goals & Tips, create a schedule and get started. Start with just one post! Join us on Twitter and become accountable to the tribe. We are here for you!

Bonus Goal – Remember to Have Fun!

This goal speaks for itself. Our very own personal motto is “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it!” So when blogging is no longer fun, there is no point in doing it any more. Unless you’re making a fortune from blogging of course. If that’s the case, then buck up! You’re one of the 1% who is living the dream!


Thanks for reading. We hope you found inspiration from this post.
How do you plan to stick to your blogging goals? What is the biggest thing holding you back from achieving them? Are there goals you set up last year that you haven’t done? And why? You don’t need to answer us. Just answer yourself!
Of course, we would always love to hear from you,
as we are possibly in the same situation.


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8 Replies to “Blogging Goals to Help You Grow!”

  1. Having fun is so important! I agree, if it’s not fun, don’t do it. Blogging is not always fun, especially the technical part, from my perspective. But I get a charge out of creating my own thing and connecting with the #traveltribe!

  2. I enjoyed reading Part 2 of “Blogging Goals” just as much as Part 1, and agree that connecting with other bloggers and travelers (like you, Oli!) on SM is great for motivation and inspiration. I have a Pinterest account, but haven’t connected it to my blog. That is one thing I will add to my to-do list,

  3. Thanks for sharing this – it’s so nice to see other bloggers experiencing the same things as me. I particularly like your last points – keep having fun and keep going! Your blog is a success when you define it to be and when you’re having fun – it’s not all about traffic and readership 🙂

  4. Great post! Having clearly defined goals is half of the battle, sticking to them is the other half. That’s the part we need to crack. We love reading posts like this because they’re inspiring and motivating. It’s also heartening to know that we’re all in the same boat.

    There’s no better reason for not writing blog posts than ‘too busy travelling’!

  5. Thank you for including me in this wonderful post. Funny you mentioned branding as this is something I’ve never thought about until recently. I’ve had my logo and my fonts are all over the place. So need to add that to my list 😊

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