Travel with the Twitter Travel Tribe


We’ve been having so much fun on Twitter recently that we have not had time to concentrate on blogging. You can call it procrastination, but we like to call it marketing! But either way, it is fun and inspiring to talk to other travel bloggers in the Twitter Travel Tribe.

So, this week, we’ve launched the first post in the ‘Travel Blogger Resources’ series. Our aim is to share industry news for travel bloggers (and anyone interested), blogging tips and inspiration. And it is also a record of our progress.

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Our Blogging Journey – a thought piece for the Flawesome Blogger Award


Our Blogging journey began in 2016. It was two years after we’d left the full-time jobs that we’d nurtured for the past decade.

We’d always travelled extensively, ever since we met in Thailand 20 years earlier. Leaving our jobs was our way of getting back to our true selves, of living the life that we had always dreamed about. But mainly, it was the awareness that our lives are fleeting and choosing to live how we want is the most precious gift.

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