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We’ve been having so much fun on Twitter recently that we have not had time to concentrate on blogging. You can call it procrastination, but we like to call it marketing! But either way, it is fun and inspiring to talk to other travel bloggers in the Twitter Travel Tribe.

So, this week, we’ve launched the first post in the ‘Travel Blogger Resources’ series. Our aim is to share industry news for travel bloggers (and anyone interested), blogging tips and inspiration. And it is also a record of our progress.

If you are uninterested in this, you may like to skip straight to our recent post on Thailand and Why we always go to Thailand’s Islands… & why you should too!


Now, we are going to step right in with this short post on Travel with the Twitter Travel Tribe, including our yearly roundup on Twitter.

Twitter & the Travel Tribe

Firstly, for those not familiar with Twitter, this platform is the chosen platform for many travel bloggers to not only market their blog but also as a result of this gain traffic to their blog. But it is also a way that bloggers can gain inspiration, motivation, and fun.

Further, it is an excellent way, especially for new bloggers, to find their voice. By interacting with other bloggers, you not only put yourself out there as an authority in your field but have the opportunity to gain knowledge and inspiration from other bloggers.

Our blogging journey actually started on social media 3 years ago. Firstly through Instagram and later, when the limiting Instagram algorithm changes affected our reach, to Twitter.

We spent the first year on Twitter following people and retweeting but not really engaging. It was when @Adventuringgal ( introduced us to the Travel Tribe that we found our way on Twitter. And we learned that travel blogging is not only about writing. It is also about marketing yourself, networking and supporting other bloggers, who will in turn support you.

Too much Industry talk?
Skip the chatter and click through to the juicy stuff – Cairns & Tropical North Queensland – Top 7 things to do

Inspiration, Motivation & Fun on Twitter

The added bonus is the inspiration, motivation and fun to be had on Twitter. There are weekly/monthly travel chats like #Top4Theme, #WednesdayTourist, #SundaySunsets, #RoadtripChat to get involved in.

These are inspiring tweets for reflecting on your travels, showcasing your content and also gaining ideas of places you would like to see.

Also, there are tags and mentions on fellow bloggers tweets who share their posts and content creation with you.

Oh, and then there is the craziness that is #FollowFriday. Which is basically a shout out to your fellow bloggers and a ‘follow train’ to gain and follow back more followers. And it works, it is how we went from 10,000 followers to almost 25,000 in just one year!

There is never a dull moment. And through Twitter, you can travel the world without leaving home. You literally have the world in your pocket.

We have met so many people on Twitter who have reached out to us. People who have inspired us and who encouraged us. These are the people who have shared their stories with us and have been interested in ours. Therefore, we write our blog for you. These are our valued readers, and this is our Travel Tribe. Thank You!

Do you have a Travel Tribe?
If not, Join us on Twitter.
Engage, comment and retweet to receive the same in return.
And don’t forget to join a travel chat to meet more travellers.


This Years Highlights on Twitter

Travel Bugs World Twitter Highlights

On 23rd May 2019, we posted our #ThankfulThursday tweet.

Update 6th July 2019 – During an inspirational chat this past week, we pledged to continue our chat (as long as we were inspired!) with a new hashtag #ThankfulThursdayEveryday.

It was a tweet to thank our new followers who had just followed us on our website on WordPress. And to engage & share knowledge with fellow bloggers about blogging. The tweet (in our books) went viral. So we continued our chat about travel blogging each Thursday. Since the conversations continued all week long, we expanded over the following weeks to favourite places, activities and travel goals. The tweet is also our way of giving back to the Travel Tribe community and those who have supported us, with a shout out every week to increase reach. Thanks to everyone’s support, and mostly thanks for the fun and inspiration!

Another Viral tweet?

As a blogger, you should congratulate yourself often for your achievements.

On 19th June 2019, we tweeted our most recent story on What is Slow Travel – & Why You Should Do It Too! Twitter was the only social media where we marketed it. Thanks to the interest from the Travel Tribe, the story had 150 page views on our website on the first day! That’s a first for us. And Yes! We celebrate our achievements. We hope you are celebrating yours too.

The Craziness That Is the Twitter Travel Tribe


And now we are going to leave with you with a Travel Bugs World tip!
This is for all those who private messaged us for advice on “how to kill it on social media.”

Travel Bugs World tip!

If you want followers and friends on Twitter, you must engage, comment and retweet. By doing this, others will reciprocate. If you don’t do this, don’t expect much from Twitter.
This is why it is called Social Media.

Thanks for reading.
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11 Replies to “Travel with the Twitter Travel Tribe”

  1. Awesome- so many great ideas for anytime but especially now. 💕 “ All the best holidays start with drinks.” of course they do! #traveltribe has become such a wonderful place w/amazing people- all new friends & already socially distant! 😀

  2. Wonderful post Oli! I feel like the Travel Tribe is sort of a trusted community of travel friends, so I was honored when WhereGalsWander invited me. But I didn’t know what it was. Such a great group regardless, I have met so many friends such as you, Cynthia (Adventuring Woman),John,(Carpediemeire). Thank you for allowing me to be part of the #FlashbackFridayz team too!

  3. What a great way to introduce people to the wonder that is the TravelTribe and the community of travellers built on Twitter. I don’t use Twitter for anything but travel chatting. I always know I can go there for advice and inspiration. A great place for people looking to engage.

  4. Such a great post! I too love the #TravelTribe and although somewhat new to it, have definitely found it so fun and rewarding to get to know other travel bloggers!

  5. What a fun way to capture the excitement of Twitter! It’s nice to have more than 0.0001 seconds to look at tweets and take in all the interaction 😉 The #TravelTribe is truly a wonderful group to engage with, the positivity makes for such a unique social media experience. Fun post!

  6. Great post, guys! Very useful! We thoroughly enjoy being a part of Twitter #TravelTribe and connecting with folks like you, all over the world. Learning new things and having fun!!!

  7. Yes! I did, because I identify with everything you have said. I love engaging with #Traveltribe because everyone is so supportive and there is great banter back and forth. I have made real friends here, not just “virtual” friends. In fact I met up with a member of Traveltribe for the first time today and this confirmed what I knew anyway: that we were like-minded people who would get on. People are generous with their time, but it cuts both ways. You have to engage. Thank you for another thoughtful and insightful post.

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