Creating the Life You Love & Living the Dream Life

tree silhouette with fluffy clouds and sunset over calm water

Are you living the life you want? If not, you need to read this right now and start manifesting your dream life. When you start following your dreams, you will find you are happier. It is also better for your well-being and emotional and mental health. Don’t put off manifesting your dreams. Start today by reading these nine simple steps to creating the life you love & living the dream life.

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The Best Mojito Bacardi Recipe Ever Including the Secret Ingredient! 

Mojito with a sea view

Mojitos are my favorite cocktail! They are not sickly sweet, like some cocktails, and the lime and mint in mojitos give them a zesty and fresh taste. A dark rum mojito recipe is also delicious; however, my favorite is a Mojito Bacardi Recipe.

I always order a holiday mojito when I travel, and through my travels in over 50 countries, I have discovered the best recipes for mojitos. Along with personal preferences, I have come up with the best Mojito Bacardi Recipe ever! 

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The eternally expanding Travel Bucket List- a thought piece on Bucket Lists


Bucket list do-overs

We’ve started thinking lately about the expanding, bursting Bucket List. A Bucket List is a list of things you wish to do that you have never done before. It is the experiences and goals you want to carry out in your lifetime. But, does it qualify to go on a bucket list if you have already achieved it?

For example, we went to Venice and fell in love with the water city as so many do. So, we put it back on the Bucket List to go again a year later. Yes, we did! So what if it doesn’t qualify for the standard rules of a Bucket List. There were places and things in Venice that we never actually had time to see in our 4-day visit. So we put those things on the Bucket List. Sounds fair, right?

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Are You Happy? Are You Having Sanook?


Today we are thinking about Sanook. The word Sanook translates to ‘fun’. It is a rule, in Thai culture, to always have Sanook.

But Sanook is also about more than just fun. Sanook is to have pleasure in everything you do, whether you are working or at leisure. It is about always relaxing and not worrying about anything. It is about everything that you do being entertaining. And it is about your interactions being enjoyable. Sanook is a way of life.

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Travel Bugs World – Live a Life of Travel

Hello! And Thanks for dropping by to read about our travels and adventures.


In return, we hope it will inspire you to take action to do whatever it takes to live a life of travel.

We have been travelling for over 20 years. We have visited over 50 countries around the world.
We have become conscious of the fact that we will never get to explore all the world. Undeniable, the more you travel, the more you want to see. Travel awakens your senses to the endless possibilities that life can offer you.

Life is about Living.
And, our mission is to Live a Travel Life.
We Love it!

If we could change anything, it would be to travel more.
The world is waiting, and our goal is to explore more and travel more.

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We have many travel stories collected over the last twenty years.
Thanks for following our journey.

And when the sun rises from the blue,
I will always kiss the sun for you.
Tomorrow is not guaranteed,
Go out and make some memories!
In Loving memory
of our beautiful niece Stacey