The Grove Scenic Reserve – a Golden Bay hidden gem

Rock formations at The Grove

With so many excellent short walks in Golden Bay, it is hard to choose a favourite. However, the Grove Scenic Reserve is a strong contender for the hidden gem award. The magical grove walk makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. Though there are many impressive Golden Bay attractions, the unique landscape found at The Grove Takaka makes it a place you should add to your must-visit list.

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Labyrinth Rocks Park Easy Walk, Epic Rock Landscapes & Otherworldly Atmosphere

Labyrinth Rocks Park limestone karst rock formations

The otherworldly Labyrinth Rocks Park in Golden Bay is a New Zealand South Island highlight; we especially recommend it for nature lovers and rock landscape lovers.

New Zealand’s Golden Bay allows visitors the opportunity to visit incredible beaches, take walks on spectacular trails, and view many fascinating natural attractions. Our favourite things to do in Golden Bay include the short nature walks with stunning scenery, such as the walk to Wainui Falls, Pupu Springs, and Grove Scenic Reserve. We love the rock landscapes at Grove Scenic Reserve, however, Labyrinth Rocks is less visited.

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Travellers Love the Short Walk to Wainui Falls in Golden Bay, New Zealand

Wainui Falls, Golden Bay, New Zealand
Wainui Falls, Golden Bay, New Zealand

For those who love to do short, easily accessible walks with priceless views, Wainui Falls Golden Bay is one of the best in New Zealand. The most accessible, largest waterfall in the Abel Tasman National Park and Nelson/Tasman region offers a captivating walk through forest abundant in ferns, nikau palms, and native bush. 

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Te Anau to Milford Sound Road Trip

Water view of the cruise on Milford Sound

After many years on the travel bucket list, we finally made it to Milford Sound. We love road trips, so we chose to travel by road from Te Anau to Milford Sound. We found the breathtaking scenery some of the best in New Zealand. Further, the drive to Milford Sound from Te Anau is one of the best road trips in the country. Therefore, we highly recommend a self-drive tour.

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Christchurch to The West Coast New Zealand

A Road Trip through the Southern Alps (Via Arthurs Pass)

New_Zealand_Arthurs_Pass_to _Christchurch_winding_road

The road trip from Christchurch to the West Coast is a journey through mountain passes, dazzling freshwater rivers and native New Zealand bush.
It crosses from the East Coast to the West Coast. It passes through the Southern Alps – New Zealand’s highest range.

Over the last 20 years, we have travelled to 50 countries in the world. The road trip through the Southern Alps is comparable in majesty to the highlands of Norway and Switzerland. You feel you are lost in a prehistoric time where nature ruled.
Words can never do justice to one of the most epic drives you will ever take.

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New Zealand Top 6 Travel Highlights

New Zealand highlights as ranked by the Editor of Travel Bugs World.


When I first came to New Zealand, twenty years ago, as I flew above the country, the thing that stood out is the wide open spaces and farmlands. It looked like a patchwork quilt from the skies. I noticed the freshness of the air immediately as I walked out on the tarmac. And then some of the friendliest airport staff in the world welcomed me to their country.

My love affair with New Zealand began that day, and I’ve always yearned to keep coming back.

As I traveled around New Zealand, I noticed more open spaces than I had seen anywhere else in a first-world country. Unless you count the sparse Australian outback. You can drive for miles, and miles and see no cars. The quaint towns along the way are inviting and interesting.

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Wild West Coast of New Zealand. It’s the soul!


Well Hello! Here we are on the sunny wild West Coast of New Zealand. It’s the South Island road trip that you want to take to view the Jurassic landscape.

The West Coast of New Zealand is unlike any other place on Earth. For a start, it’s over 550 kilometres of striking coastline incorporating rainforest, bush-clad mountains and isolated beaches. The majority of the area is National Parks, with only a small per cent being residential. Most of the residents live in the two largest towns – Greymouth and Westport.

If you want to get away from masses of tourists and traffic, the West Coast is the place to come. There are kilometres of beaches with no one on them. And, spending a couple of hours on a wild surf beach with you and the waves and no other people for miles is a once in a lifetime experience.

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