Best Australian Things for Your Australia Bucket List

View of natural arch.

Traveling around Australia is incomparable due to its diversity. From breathtaking beaches and tropical rainforests to towering mountains and rugged landscapes, there’s no shortage of stunning sights to see. One day you’ll be partying in Sydney, and the next, visiting the expansive Blue Mountains. A road trip in Australia could see you road-tripping from Snowy Mountains to red earth in the Outback to tropical beaches in Queensland, all in the same week! With so many incredible places to explore, it takes time to figure out where to start. Every traveler has personal preferences in the activities and experiences they do. That’s why we’ve put together an Australia trip planner with over 120 must-visit Australian things and destinations to add to your Australia bucket list. We’ve compiled this bucket list for Australia based on different types of experiences and travel preferences, so you can easily select the Australian highlights you prefer.

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What is Australia Famous For? And Why Visit Australia

Bondi Beach, Australia view.

Having traveled to over 50 countries worldwide, Australia is one of the standouts. The panoramic landscape, the thousands of miles of beaches, the open roads, and the freedoms make it a country we love. This story is about one of our three favorite countries in the world- Australia. We answer the questions of many travelers “What is Australia famous for?” and “Why visit Australia?”

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Best Places to Visit in Australia

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Tropical_North_Queensland_Best Places_to_Visit_in_Australia
Tropical North Queensland. Definitely one of the best places to visit in Australia.

Hello Australia! When it’s a summerlike day on the East Coast of New South Wales, we love getting in the car and going for a drive. Actually, anytime we touch back down to Australia, after the family & friends visits and some compulsory chores, we always end up on a road trip. And why wouldn’t we – the Ford Falcon motoring down the highways, music blaring, windows open with summer wind blowing through the car, singing “oh happy days”. We have such an adventure discovering new places and exploring the best places to visit in Australia.

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The Top End, Northern Territory Will Blow Your Mind


Northern Territory is one of those places that will blow your mind. It’s all that stark space in the desert, the sacred sites and the extraordinary landscapes that give it that special magic. The Red Centre & The Top End include a plethora of unique adventures and phenomenal sights, it’s the trip of a lifetime.

Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon, The Olgas and Devils Marbles in The Red Centre are fascinating, unique places you will see nowhere else in the world. The Red Centre is one of our favourite places in Australia. But it’s not all about the Red Centre. There’s more to blow your mind! And for us, Northern Territory’s Top End is where our heart lies.

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Northern Territory’s Red Centre – will you dare to go to the Aussie Outback?


There are a few things that you should know about the Australian Outback and the Red Centre.

One – it’s very red out there! They don’t call the area around Ayers Rock and Alice Springs the Red Centre for nothing, you know!

Arriving in the Northern Territory Outback from New South Wales and the gradual yellowing of the land and drying out trees, you’ll eventually come across all this red earth. Even more so contrasting is if you are arriving at the Red Centre from the vibrant green vistas of the rainforests in North Queensland. However, if you arrive by plane, you will think you are in another world. Whichever way you get there, you will see it’s damn red out there!

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The Fruit Picking Dream – Picking, Packing, and Pruning my way across Australia


Even before I had disembarked the plane, I had heard you could earn bucket loads of money doing harvest work. So I ended up working my way from Sydney all around Australia. From the chilly mornings pruning grape vines in the Hunter Valley to the warm, refreshing sea and panoramic, tropical vistas in Queensland picking tomatoes. All with the aim of achieving the fruit picking dream.

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Road Trip Australia – Don’t Miss Our Top 5 Road Trips

Queensland's Milla Milla Falls

In the last 20 years, we have traveled extensively around Australia while we lived and worked in Sydney. We have driven thousands of kilometers in every state in Australia. Nothing says road trip more than the 35,877 km of ocean coastline. Additionally, a highlight for travelers is The Big Lap Australia. It involves circumnavigating mainland Australia, visiting beaches and national parks, capital cities, and the desert roads of the Aussie Outback. A road trip around Australia is our favorite thing to do in this epic island country. Keep Reading “Road Trip Australia – Don’t Miss our Top 5 Road trips” to find out the best road trips Australia has to offer and begin your road tripping Australia journey.

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