What is Australia Famous For? And Why Visit Australia

Bondi Beach, Australia view.

Having traveled to over 50 countries worldwide, Australia is one of the standouts. The panoramic landscape, the thousands of miles of beaches, the open roads, and the freedoms make it a country we love. This story is about one of our three favorite countries in the world- Australia. We answer the questions of many travelers “What is Australia famous for?” and “Why visit Australia?”

Since beginning our nomadic lifestyle in our late teens, we have always chosen to live and travel in Australia. In the last 20 years, we have been on epic trips all over Australia, some of which were over 3000-mile road trips.

There are so many good things about Australia; everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Please keep reading to find out “What is Australia famous for? And why visit Australia.”

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What is Australia Famous For? And Why Visit Australia

We love Australia due to our history, family, and friends there. But the real reason we love Australia is the country is so diverse.

The epic country offers so much diversity, from the outback desert terrain, rainforests, and mountains to farmlands, vineyards, tropical beaches, and fun cities.

Australia is unique. One day, you could be skiing in the Snowy Mountains. The next day, after a short flight, you could be basking in the sun on a tropical beach.

Beaches in Australia

Why visit Australia? Of course, for the 18,000 miles of continuous coastline and over 12,000 islands!

Australia has the world’s fifth-longest coastline, and the island nation is a sea lover’s paradise, with over 10,000 beaches. There are surf beaches, rocky beaches, golden sand beaches, calm bays, and harbors.

Water sports, such as boating and fishing, are popular in Australia. And because the summers are hot and the winters are temperate, these activities are often year-round.

However, even in the wintertime, you can go skiing one day and then fly to Cairns, where you can relax in the warm tropical waters of the Coral Sea in Queensland. This alone is the reason why to visit Australia.

Queensland beach view of sand and blue water with an island in the background.
Far North Queensland beach

Additionally, Australia is famous for its surf culture. With many destinations for surfing, Australia is ranked as one of the top countries in the world for surfing.

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Australia is Known For Outdoor Adventures in Striking Landscapes

There are over 600 national parks in Australia. Some have lakes and rivers. Others have skiing opportunities or other active sports like kayaking, bicycling, hiking, or rock climbing. Many have camping facilities where you can spend the night and look for wildlife action.

A visit to a park gives you a chance to encounter some of the things Australia is famous for, wildlife such as koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, emus, echidnas, and platypi. Additionally, in the Northern Territory, there are wild camels.

Speaking of the Northern Territory, among the most cherished national parks in Australia is Kakadu. World Heritage-listed Kakadu, one of the largest parks in Australia, offers ancient Aboriginal rock art galleries and lush rainforests.

Blue Mountains, Australia
Blue Mountains National Park

What is Australia Famous For When It Comes to City Living?

If you prefer a different type of action to the outdoors, you will find clubs, pubs, cafes, and restaurants galore in the capital cities, especially in Melbourne and Sydney. Australia has a proud drinking culture so expect lots of social events involving alcohol.

Icons such as Sydney’s Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the world-famous Bondi Beach are just minutes from all the city action. Museums, galleries, theatres, music, shopping, and sports events; the larger cities have these activities available and more.

There are also traveler havens, such as the tropical city of Cairns, where every night is a party night for travelers from all over the world.

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What is Australia Known For Food? 

Australia is a multi-cultural country, which means you can get any cuisine you’re after. Especially in Melbourne and Sydney, there are large Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese communities. Many top-class restaurants serve these cuisines and more.

All-day eateries are available for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, as Aussies love to dine out.

Yarra River and Melbourne city view.
Restaurant bar on the Yarra River, Melbourne

Additionally, some cities like Melbourne have a coffee obsession. The coffee culture borders snobbish, so that you can expect some excellent coffee.

Australia also boasts world-famous wineries, where you can visit and see the wine production process, indulge in wine, and have an indulgent long lunch.

But if you ask anyone around the world, “What is Australia known for?” They will no doubt say the pies, vegemite, and kangaroo. Traditional Aussie favorite foods include meat pies, fish and chips, kangaroo, emu, vegemite, lamingtons, Tim Tams, and pavlova. Additionally, the Aussie barbecue is a cultural tradition with sausages, steaks, and fresh seafood.

Why visit Australia in Winter? For the Tropics

North Queensland is home to the world heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, tropical islands, and lush rainforests. Some areas make you feel like you have stepped into a palm tree-lined beach in Asia.

Far North Queensland is our favorite part of Australia, and we love boat trips and snorkeling on the reef.

Even if it’s winter in Australia or the country you came from, you can enjoy year-round warm temperatures in Australia’s Tropics.

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The Outback

What is Australia famous for? Out of all the things Australia is famous for, the most unique thing about Australia is the outback. You could drive the equivalent length of the U.S.A. and, in Australia’s vast and remote outback, see nothing but kangaroos and the occasional small town.

The outback is truly like no other place on earth. With its red earth and wide-open spaces and skies, the highlights include Uluru (Ayers Rock), The Olgas, and the old mining town of Coober Pedy. 

Though, there are many unique outback adventures in every state in Australia. This uniqueness is one of the biggest reasons for visiting Australia.

Backpackers sitting on a cliff in Kakadu National Park, Australia.
Backpackers in Kakadu National Park-in-the-Outback-Australia.jpg

The Unique Australian Aboriginal Culture

Among other meaningful reasons for visiting Australia is Australia’s history dating back 60,000 years. For those who love culture and history, the Australian Aboriginal culture (the world’s oldest living culture) centers around the Dreamtime and other mythology. It includes practices, oral traditions, and ceremonies celebrating and honoring the land and family.

Travelers to Australia can explore the beautiful Australian Aboriginal culture, art, history, spirituality, music, and dance. Additionally, a prized souvenir for many travelers is a boomerang, and some can’t resist taking home a didgeridoo.

Backpacking Culture

Australia is a rite of passage for young visitors from countries that have work agreements with Australia. Backpacker hotspots include Sydney and Cairns and often involve work and epic road trips around Australia.

Whether you want to live abroad in Australia, study in Australia, work in Australia, or enjoy a short holiday, Australia has a thriving backpacking culture. If you are a backpacker, it is one of the main reasons to visit Australia. In fact, ask any backpacker who has been to Australia, “Is Australia worth visiting?” And you will likely hear, “hell yeah!”

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Backpackers love Australia, as do all travelers! We hope this story gave you a snapshot of things Australia is famous for and reasons for visiting Australia. Add it to your travel bucket list, start living a life of adventure and see this epic country one day.

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