Take a Couples Staycation with These Romantic Staycation Ideas for Couples

Sunset over water at Queenstown, New Zealand

There’s currently a lot of demand for staycations. On top of that, Google searches show a lot of demand for staycation ideas for couples. Staycation activities for couples need to be both fun and include a bit of romance. Therefore, this post is for all the couples out there to help you take a fun couples staycation. 

Staycation activities for couples are very different from those for families or groups. Mainly, there are fewer people to please and care for. 

These staycation ideas for couples are about relishing each others company and making new memories to last a lifetime.

Our couples staycation activities are tried and tested by yours truly. We have been travelling predominately as a couple for over 20 years. In addition, we have spent the last two years looking for staycation activities for couples. Therefore, if you need ideas for a staycation for couples, keep reading.

This post is about couples staycation ideas. If you are a solo traveller or travel with your family or friends, please read 54 Things To Do On A Staycation in Your Home Town. It is for anyone who wants to have a holiday and turn their hometown into a holiday destination.

Staycation Ideas for Couples

Take in the Water Views

Jetboat ride to Tasman Glacier

How do you make a staycation feel special? Spend the day by the water at a lake, river, or beach. Adding water views to an experience increases the romance levels and makes couples feel more connected. 

Pack a picnic and relax and be in the moment. If the weather is warm enough, you could go for a swim or participate in water sports activities such as kayaking (make sure to hire a double kayak for double the fun and romance.)

Alternatively, you could go on a coastal or riverfront walk.

However, a boat cruise is one of our preferred staycation activities for couples. If you want to make sure there is romance, the sunset dinner options are best. Try to book ahead and reserve waterside seating! 

Though if your home town is not near the water, you could travel a bit further away from your local area and go on an overnight cruise if there are any available. This is the perfect couples staycation.

Spend Time in Nature

Nature views at Franz Josef, New Zealand

For those couples who like spending time in nature, these great staycation ideas for couples are also often free. The outdoors is an excellent way to spend a staycation for couples. 

You could spend the day visiting a national park or the local gardens. You could take a picnic and go on a bushwalk.

If you prefer an active time together, you could climb a mountain or go for a bike ride on a trail.

Go on a Trip

Road trip in New Zealand's Southern Alps

Take a train trip to a nearby town you have never been to before. Train trips are one of those romantic staycation activities where you don’t have to do much. It is all about the journey, and you can spend time with your loved one and hours looking out at the view passing your window.

Alternatively, you could hire a camper. Campervans are one of the most fun staycation activities for couples. We love campervans as you get to drive and stop when you feel like it. You don’t have to spend time checking in. And, instead of stopping at a roadside diner, you can have a romantic lunch at a location with a view anytime you feel like stopping.

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Food platter with a view

How do you have a romantic staycation? Well. you know what they say about food. Food is the way into your loved one’s heart. All romantic staycation activities should include food!

Some people prefer fine dining at a top-class restaurant they usually don’t splash out for when it comes to food and romance. Alternatively, you could have a romantic experience choosing to hang out in a local cafe with a view and just enjoy the surroundings.

But, we think all the best vacations should start with celebration drinks, just to set the mood! 

However, for those on a budget, one of the best couples staycation ideas is to head to the market, buy some local treats and have lunch in a park. Don’t forget to bring blankets, cushions and some music.

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Get a Room – The Most Romantic Staycation

Food platter with water view,Queenstown, New Zealand

Our favourite romantic staycation includes champagne, tapas, chocolates, and a king-size bed in a luxury room. Yes, it sounds a bit obvious, but “getting a room” is really the best staycation for couples who want romance.

The ultimate romance is staying in a 5-star hotel if you can afford it. Since you are splashing out, make sure to make it all about you, your loved one, and all those 5-star facilities, such as fine dining and spa treatments.

Alternatively, other romantic hotel staycation ideas include staying at a beachfront resort. This is our No. 1 pick out of any of our romantic staycations. However, a beachfront motel is just as good and a cheaper accommodation option. Though, make sure there’s a balcony. A balcony overlooking the sea spells Romance with a capital R.

But, you don’t need to spend a fortune; a local Airbnb can sometimes be more affordable and often more private. Choose an apartment with a spa bath and views.

No money to splash out on a room? Don’t worry; we got you. Many people ask, “How can I get a cheap staycation?” Our staycation ideas for couples include ideas for those on a budget.

One of our romantic staycation ideas that doesn’t cost much is a budget cabin at a campground with water views.

Alternatively, you could go camping. Actually, camping is how we get to travel for longer. We love it. After the initial investment in a tent, camping enables you to enjoy budget holidays in the great outdoors. You don’t need to travel far; look at state and national parks in your area that offer camping sites.

Vacation at Home – Staycation for Couples on a Budget

Chocolate platter

Sometimes no matter how much you want it, you have no time or funds to go on a trip. But, don’t disregard having a staycation at home. The best thing about it, is you save money on transport and accommodation. In addition, you also save travel time.

We can hear you thinking, “How do I plan a romantic weekend at home?” Easy! Once again, you could start by going to a farmers market. Buy all your favourite food and drinks to spoil yourself with. Dont forget the chocolates! Have a wine and cheese platter, a bbq or picnic, and let the romance begin.

Spend the day luxuriating in your backyard or balcony. Put some blankets out in your garden or string up a hammock up. 

You could even set up a tent and have a camping experience without leaving your home. Light a campfire (if allowed in your local area), roast marshmallows and stargaze. Romantic!

Don’t forget to turn off your mobiles, stay off social media, shut the outside world out, and make it just about the two of you!

A staycation at home can be about doing nothing and making no plans; just relax, indulge and spend quality time with your loved one. Have an extended lie-in, have breakfast in bed, and bring on the honeymoon magic!

Make sure to visit our post 73 In-home Staycation Ideas During Lockdown for ideas on how to turn your stay-at-home into a holiday experience. If you want to create a holiday vibe in your home, there are plenty of ideas there for you.

Indulge – Staycation Ideas for Couples With Money 

Wine barrel at winery in Myanmar

Go to a spa for the day. Indulge yourself in a couples massage or facial and come out feeling rejuvenated. Or, book the couples indulgence package with body treatments, scrubs, saunas and manicures; you will feel like a new couple.

Extend the spoilt feeling by going out for an extravagant dessert!

Another way you can indulge if you want to splash out is to go to the gold class cinema. There’s nothing more fun than spending time together in the cozy loungers while drinking cocktails and dining out while watching the big screen. Alternatively, you can see a show at the theatre.

Lastly, our personal favourite indulgence, go wine tasting at a vineyard. It is all about indulgence! We love to order a cheese platter along with our wine tasting!

Bonus Fun Staycation Activities for Couples: For those young-minded, adventurous types, amusement parks can be very romantic while having a lot of fun. Imagine snuggling up to your loved one on the roller coaster while experiencing the adrenaline rush of the ride.

We hope you found this information useful and found some exciting couples staycation ideas. But many of these things cost you money or time you may not have. So here is the No. 1 most romantic staycation for couples. It’s free and very romantic.

Watch the sunset. Watching the sunset is free, and you don’t have to find too much spare time to do it. 

However, if you can get to the ocean, this combination wins double points in our books. And, add a rooftop bar, and you have a trifecta as far as we are concerned!

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