The Best Social Distancing Vacations For You

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Impromptu getaways make life fun and exciting. Additionally, weekend vacations allow you time to rejuvenate and are good for your mental health. However, travel at this time is still on hold for some people, and many have been searching our website for social distancing vacation ideas. For those people who worry about catching Covid, it is advisable to take care by maintaining social distancing. Therefore we have compiled the best social distancing vacations for you. These social distancing vacation ideas allow you to get away without the stress and worry of being near other people.

There is no reason you can’t pack an overnight bag and have a weekend escape at any time. Get away from work, bad news, and responsibilities while socially distancing yourself with these proven social distancing vacation ideas. Keep reading for the best social distancing vacations for you.

Outdoor travel adventures

Whether you go away for a day, two, or three, an outdoor travel adventure is an excellent way to distance yourself from others.

You could rent a boat and cruise on the lake or river. You can bring a picnic along too. This is a great way to minimize interactions with other people, as you don’t need to eat out. 

Alternatively, you could book a small boat tour, maybe go dolphin watching. 

Boat trips are some of the best social distancing vacations we have had as you spend most of your time outdoors. Though make sure you read reviews before you go on this option, some popular boat trips can get crowded.

Additionally, you can rent an overnight houseboat for an exciting outdoor travel adventure. You can spend two or three days on the boat. These boats have rooms for sleeping, a bathroom, and kitchen facilities. Spend your days cruising around the lake or harbor, soaking in the views and relaxing while socially distancing.

Other outdoor adventures include kayaking, horse riding, or extreme activities such as rock climbing.

Additionally, you can visit a ranch or wildlife park and have close encounters with wildlife.

Or, you could travel to a golf resort. There are golf courses with accommodation where you can stay in resort-style accommodation and enjoy the views while not golfing.

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Luxury staycations

Luxury staycations are one of the best ways to get away from it all if you have the budget!

Further, many resorts are still offering pandemic travel discounts. So you may find a luxury staycation is more affordable than you think.

Out of all the social distancing vacation ideas, a luxury staycation is the one that offers you the best opportunity to indulge yourself. You don’t need to travel far; book one to three nights in an upmarket hotel or resort in your local town or city. Alternatively, get in the car for a short road trip to a nearby town.

Social distancing at a luxury resort or hotel is often more accessible due to many upper-class establishments’ design planning, which gives guests more personal space.

You don’t need to do much on a luxury staycation but indulge yourself and relax. Get a room with a view, order room service, and use the hotel spa.

Camping or glamping

Camping allows you to get outdoors and appreciate nature. Ultimately, camping offers one of the best social distancing vacations, as it enables you to easily socially distance yourself from others. 

We love camping, but we realize some people don’t.

Besides camping in your own tent, another of our social distancing vacation ideas is the glamping option available at some private properties. Some of these have 4-star facilities, including heating, fireplaces, spas, luxurious beds, and recliners.

The options for glamping are plentiful. Just search online for ones in your area. Many of them take full advantage of epic views.

Our very best social distancing vacations – Road trips by car or RV

Do you know that saying it’s about the journey, not the destination? Nothing rings more true for road trips. Road trips are an ideal way to socially distance and are the best social distancing vacations as you can keep your distance from people while getting to your destination.

You don’t need to hop on a plane, just pack the car and drive. You can go on a short or long trip. It’s up to you, based on how much you like driving and how much time you can spend away.

Ideally, planning your accommodation and destination before you travel is best. Otherwise, you may find accommodation limited.

The thing we love most about road trips is the scenery that flies past the window. Road trips allow you to continually experience your surroundings rather than waiting to reach a destination. It is the ultimate travel experience.

You can go on a road trip in your own car. Or you can rent a car or an RV.

An RV will also solve any hassle of organizing accommodation. It is truly one of the best social distancing vacations because you can travel, cook, sleep in the RV, and easily distance yourself from other people.

Alternatively, you may like to rent a fun sports car for the day and stay at a quaint Airbnb at your destination.

Visit national and state parks

Social distancing is easier in national parks. But bear in mind other people may have the same idea. You may find many people in the park. Therefore, travel to a less popular park, go early, and start hiking at dawn.

Some parks have cabins you can rent, which is an enjoyable escape from your everyday life. Alternatively, if you don’t mind winter camping, you can set up a tent and stay distant from others.

Different travel activities are available at each park, and that variety is something we appreciate about the best social distancing vacations. You could choose a park with a river or a lake with boating activities.

Staying overnight in a national or state park is an altogether different experience from the day. Along with the peace and solitude, you could spend the night gazing at the stars (weather permitting), listening out for distinctive animal noises, and, if permitted, having a log fire.

Beach at sunset

Beaches, lakes & rivers

A beach, lake, or river vacation offers a fantastic way to socially distance while enjoying water views.

You could maybe try your hand at fishing too. Strolling along the water’s edge just enjoying the views is enough to make you feel rejuvenated.

To make the most of these social distancing vacation ideas, rent a cabin or Airbnb on the waterfront. Sit on the balcony with a wine and cheese platter and savor the views. If you book accommodation offering a log fire, you can go inside to enjoy the indoor atmosphere when it gets too cold.

This year, make sure to go on some impromptu weekend vacations. We hope that these best social distancing vacations give you some social distancing vacation ideas and the opportunity to travel safely and spend more time enjoying yourself instead of worrying about things you can not change. Happy Travels.

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