73 In-home Staycation Ideas During Lockdown


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many people have had to cancel long-awaited holidays. Unfortunately, now is a time that we can not and should not travel. Therefore, we’ve written these staycation ideas so you can create holiday magic in your own home! This post is about things you can do in your home while in lockdown due to Coronavirus. It is for travellers who feel saddened that they can not travel and for anyone who wants to turn their lockdown experience into a staycation. Keep reading for 73 in-home staycation ideas during lockdown.

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How to Always be a Happy Traveller


You’ve been waiting for months, and the big day has finally come. Full of adrenaline you make your way to the airport, have a few celebration drinks and board your plane. But once you arrive at your destination, the adrenaline is gone, and you feel tired and jet-lagged. You can’t believe it. It was the ‘trip of the year’, and you feel drained and irritable! And surprisingly, you are not enjoying your ‘trip of a lifetime’ as much as you thought you should. And you are not a happy traveller!

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How to Stay Healthy While Travelling


There is nothing worse than going on holiday and getting sick. You have saved and waited a long time for your trip. The big day arrives, and you reach your destination, but a day later you get sick! And the fun continues without you while you recover. It is never fun being sick. But if you get sick on holidays, you are wasting your money on a trip you don’t get to experience. For this reason, it is imperative to stay healthy while travelling. Further, when holidays offer so much temptation, it is easy to slip into unhealthy living. 

Consequently, we have compiled the ten best ways you can stay healthy while travelling. Some of these are common sense, but a reminder always helps. You don’t need to miss out on the good times when you remember these 10 tips on how to stay healthy while travelling.

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What is Slow Travel – & Why You Should Do It Too!


People often ask us how we have been able to afford to travel continually for the last 5 years. And the truth is it is not just one thing we did or do that enables us to live this lifestyle. But one of the most significant ways we have been able to achieve our travel lifestyle is to embrace the slow travel philosophy.

Since we started travelling as teenagers in the 90s, we have been on many trips exploring Australia, New Zealand, America, Europe and the Middle East. But, it was in Asia (where we met) that we realised we could spend the same amount of money for a few months of travel as some people spent for 2 weeks.

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Why Do We Travel & Why You Should Choose To Travel!


Welcome to Travel Bugs World.

Traveling allows you time to experience thoughts and feelings. It allows you time to let go and to let your creativity flow. When traveling for long periods, you have time to think about yourself and the universe, and you start to feel the opportunities are endless!

This is your Life! It’s time to feel the irresistible energy when you have the passion for doing what you desire!

Keep reading to be inspired about why you should choose to travel!

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