Why Do We Travel & Why You Should Choose To Travel!


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Traveling allows you time to experience thoughts and feelings. It allows you time to let go and to let your creativity flow. When traveling for long periods, you have time to think about yourself and the universe, and you start to feel the opportunities are endless!

This is your Life! It’s time to feel the irresistible energy when you have the passion for doing what you desire!

Keep reading to be inspired about why you should choose to travel!

Why Do We Travel & Why You Should Choose To Travel!
A Poem by Travel Bugs World.


We travel to escape the normal and live a life less ordinary.
We Travel
to have adventures
to explore
to be free
to experience different cultures
to discover new places
to meet lots of interesting people
to open our eyes and learn about the world
to learn about History
to learn new languages
to see amazing sights
to experience the world
to see the world
to see the world and understand what we have!


We travel to have endless opportunities
to have the freedom to be ourselves
to have time and energy to consider new ideas and dreams
to reflect on where we’ve been and where we want to be
to discover things about the world
to discover things about ourselves
to prove we don’t need to wait till we retire
to prove you don’t need to work all your life
for the pleasure of having no work
to have no obligations or routines
to have change
And, to tick another country off the bucket list!


We travel to see landscapes and architecture all over the world
to see all the beauty in the world
to chase the sun and summer
to be a beach bum
to see sunsets all over the world
to have sunset drinks all over the world
to have fun
to lie on beaches and relax
to taste exotic food and drink
to dine out all over the world
to rest and rejuvenate
to be pampered and treat ourselves
to wander and do nothing
to feel awe and wonder
for wanderlust and seeing the places we see on Instagram!


We travel to Holiday
to Party
to feel Alive!
To Live!
To celebrate Life!
Because we have the travel bug
’cause it beats working
’cause it’s better than staying at home doing the 9 to 5!

But most of all, we travel to be Free and Live our Dreams
And make memories that last a lifetime.


You have to believe in yourself and do what your heart desires!
From this moment on, we pledge our lives to travel.
This is the core of who we are!

Travel Bugs World

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