Hello from Lockdown in New Zealand


Though I have always been the type of person who reads about doomsday prepping, I could not have imagined the unprecedented events that have occurred recently. Not in my lifetime. Following the pandemic declaration on 13th March, I saw fear, shock and confusion. Plus there was grief and despair for the life we all knew. And then there was the crazy panic buying, which seemed the only way people found some control in an out of control situation. And as I write this, there have been 3.5 million confirmed cases worldwide of the Covid-19 virus, and 247,000 lives lost. These last six weeks spent in lockdown now seem like the new normal. And the question I most want to know is, “How will we all mentally get through this, and how will we move forward?”

Travel Bugs World – Our Story

Hello! I’m Oli. I am the editor of Travel Bugs World. I started this blog so that I can showcase my writing and travels. And to show people, particularly the upcoming generation, how to have a life removed from the 9 to 5 cycle, mortgages and routine. And instead of just moments after work, having a life filled with experiences and enjoying more ‘me time’. A life full of living your passion, being inspired, and where your work is doing the things you love. Or at least, working towards those things.


My partner and I left our jobs almost six years ago. The sole purpose of leaving our well paid comfortable jobs was to live the life I describe above. We wanted to see the world while discovering our passions and find inspiration from the things we saw. Mostly, we had wanted to do this before we got too old and found it harder to ‘run around’.

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We are so glad we did as we spent the last six years ‘running around’ the world eating, drinking and exploring. Anyway, it was a fun ride! We already decided a long time ago to live our lives as if anything may change at any point. Thus, we are grateful for the last six years and us living as if they were our last days of freedom. 

Suddenly the World Turned Upside Down


Incredibly, in the last few months, the world has changed so radically. Many people say they realise their worries were minimal before the Covid-19 virus.

In January, when we started hearing about the spread of the virus, we thought it was a localised outbreak and expected it would subside. By late February, there were 80,000 cases confirmed globally, and New Zealand had its first case. Yet we still didn’t take the outbreak seriously.

We had been in New Zealand for four months and, with winter approaching, were planning our travels for the year. We were looking forward to a family wedding in mid-April on New Zealand’s North Island. Also, we were eager to get back to Australia to see family. And as always, we anticipated heading to Thailand for our annual trip. Further, we envisioned we’d finally get to the countries at the top of our travel bucket list, Japan and Sri Lanka.

But, suddenly, things were spiralling out of control. Many people were getting sick, and the virus had spread all over the world. Panic buying of toilet paper had started on our shores too. And with the warning of a lockdown imminent, we decided it was time to buy essentials and settle in for the long haul. 

Throughout the summer, we had camped in a basic bush hut on a private property bordering the national park. Our base camp included a storage shed. It became a makeshift kitchen equipped with a hob burner and a BBQ. We collected rainwater from our roof and boiled water in a pot for washing. We also had an outdoor bathtub nestled in the rainforest. As a treat, we lit a fire under it and had a sublime experience. It was incredible living in nature with rainforest walks at our doorstep, but the living situation wasn’t ideal for winter.

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Travel Bugs World in Lockdown in New Zealand


Like any good doomsday prepper, first stop was the hardware shop. We bought materials to build a bathroom and for water catchment. We bought solar power, batteries, a tv and satellite dish. Also, we did a mad dash to buy a bed, as a camp bed would not be fun in the winter.

We normally save all our money to travel and do without modern conveniences. But, as we would not be going anywhere for a while, we splashed out on material things instead.

Our bedroom/living space is just 21 sq. m, so it is the ultimate in tiny house living. We added a ten sq. m kitchen/storage and seven sq. m bathroom. It is enough. Oh, and views are Priceless!

So with mod-cons and great views, along with unlimited data and a Netflix subscription, on 25th March 2020, we joined all New Zealanders in lockdown. 

Everyone was to stay at home for five weeks. New Zealand’s lockdown approach has been to shut down everything – restaurants, takeaways, schools and all work unless an essential service such as supermarkets, pharmacies and medical services. 

And Now, There is A New Normal


And now much of the world is in lockdown or living with stay at home orders. We have been so busy fighting for our survival that there hasn’t been time to think about how we feel. People have gotten sick, lost jobs and are feeling isolated. They are anxious, about staying healthy, and about how they will earn money to live. This event is so catastrophic there is no time yet to consider the mental and emotional implications of living in this time. It is a time of living in isolation from others and feeling that control has been taken away from us.

Yet, in all this, there are positive things like the outpouring of generosity from both people and organisations. For example, people donating toilet paper and meals to the elderly, organisations giving free courses to people who stay at home and availability of free services for those in need. Some governments have stepped up to support their citizens with stimulus packages. And some governments have stepped forward to help other governments. Meanwhile, all the essential workers bravely go out every day to do their jobs, while the rest of us stay at home. And for us at home? Well, thanks to the internet, we are not truly self-isolated. We can stay in touch with family and friends. Imagine if this happened twenty years ago!

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Many have chosen to do the best they can and use the time they have at home to do a course or learn new things. For some, there is an opportunity to rest or spend time with family. There is time to cook, to spring clean the house or write that great book. However, it can be hard to be creative or industrious when you’re anxious and sad and feel you have lost control.

We chose to treat our time in lockdown as a holiday at home. We also chose to develop our blog and share our ideas to help others. Further, we are proud our post 73 In-home Staycation Ideas During Lockdown went viral on Pinterest and started ranking on the 1st page of Google within a week of publication.

But meanwhile, in the blogging industry, how can you write about travel when borders have closed, everyone must stay home for their safety, and there is no travel? Stories about virtual travel and staycations can only go so far. Thus, it’s time for bloggers to reevaluate and find ways to survive. Equally, many industries, particularly in travel, are pondering how they will survive. Furthermore, it’s time for people to reevaluate how they live their lives.

Inspiration and Hope


We are in our 6th week of lockdown. Last week, lockdown restrictions eased and schools, takeaways and workplaces reopened. Though essentially we are still in lockdown, with those who can work from home asked to do so. Travel is not allowed unless going to work or to get access to essential services. Nevertheless, the easing of restrictions uplifted people. 

And today was the first day since the virus came to New Zealand that there are no recorded cases.

So yes, there is an end in sight. And it is hope and belief, that has gotten New Zealanders through the hard days.

The Future


For us, things have continued with the same attitude we always have, “Try finding things you love, no matter where you are”.

We feel lucky that we have a tv and data, and finally have time to binge-watch Netflix.

Further, time spent chatting about travel on social media and access to all the knowledge on the internet makes us happy. And that we have the world at our fingertips for staying in touch with family and friends. 

We enjoy our parties, taking care to prepare a huge feast for two and indulge in music and drinks.

Also, we love that we can grow a garden and develop our future home.

Mostly, we love the opportunity to stay in one place with no pressure to do anything! 


Do we miss travel? Yes and No. We miss places and people more than anything else. We miss the road trip to the North Island and our family on the other end, and the equally enticing Australian road trip up the East Coast to visit family and friends. Particularly, we miss Thailand and our lifestyle, and the wonderful people we know there. Sadly, it is the first time in 13 years we will not get there this year.

And yes, the golden age of travel is over for now, but we will no doubt travel again. Ultimately, I don’t think any of us will take travel for granted from this point forward! 

Also if there is any lesson in all this, it is to always be grateful for food, power, water, warmth, love, good health and unlimited entertainment via unlimited internet (some people do not have these things). 

Thank you for reading. Try not to worry, do what you can do to stay calm, and find the things you love to do. May you, your family and friends be safe and healthy. And may you be blessed with kindness all around you. 

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11 Replies to “Hello from Lockdown in New Zealand”

  1. Your positive attitude is inspiring! I like that idea of “treating our time in lockdown as a holiday at home” and appreciate your 73 In-home Staycation Ideas During Lockdown. It’s good to see the travel industry starting to bounce back. I think it will take a little more time for things to actually get back into full swing, but I’m already booking my next travel adventures.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story Oli. The world is much changed but you know, maybe everyone needed a break from the world as we knew it.

    Above all, a new sense of appreciation for life and everything we love, is what’s really important.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story, Oli! I love your positive attitude and the encouragement this article offers. Also – good point about if this had happened 20 years ago! It’s so hard to imagine how we would have functioned without Zoom and Netflix!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I am so curious about this place your living at right now and all the “upgrades” your doing to make it work long term. I can’t imagine being camped out when this started and staying there through it.

  5. It has been such a crazy and unexpected year for sure. It is so great to hear about your experience during this time and love how you are embracing it! I look forward to the day we are no longer in lockdown. Stay healthy!

  6. Number one on google for your staycation at home blog! That’s awesome. Is it getting you good traffic? It’s funny to think of you with a TV and Netflix. Did you get slippers too?

  7. Thank you for sharing your story Oli! I love the fact that you’re self-sufficient. Our way
    of life will never be the same again. The new “normal” will have a different meaning.

    But like you said, “Try finding things you love, no matter where you are”. Appreciate the connections with your family & friends & the things that you took for granted before.

    I’m glad that we were able to travel and explore as many places as we can before the crisis.

  8. Great post Oli. Life is very different now to how 2020 begun. I’m thankful we are in a good place and safe. Who knows when and where we will be able to travel in the foreseeable future and what travel will look like. I miss international travel so much but also have so much to be thankful for.

  9. Great story and very inspiring! I think we’re in the right country to be honest. And there’s talk of level 2 so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Have to admit that, aside from the hardship and pain suffered by others, which I totally acknowledge, I’ve loved lockdown. The chance to stop, think, take stock and enjoy the peace and quiet have been a gift 🙂

  10. Great post, Oli. You two look like proper party animals, love it. Made me smile that you went on a DIY spending spree right away, and I agree, none of us in the Traveltribe will ever take travel for granted again.

    It is amazing and inspiring how you cut things out of your life that you feel you do not need and focus on what is important to you. I think you might have just ever so slightly radicalised the Barbarians. In my defence none of the two dozen handbags in our household are mine. On the plus side I recently discovered that Ms B is by no means hellbent on high-end accommodation, she grumbles the exact same amount no matter if we stay four-star or at a budget hostel lol…

    I think prices will rocket sky-high. Less competition as many service providers will be gone, higher costs as need to screen passengers, keep one row of seats empty between passengers, etc.

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