Best Australian Things for Your Australia Bucket List

View of natural arch.

Traveling around Australia is incomparable due to its diversity. From breathtaking beaches and tropical rainforests to towering mountains and rugged landscapes, there’s no shortage of stunning sights to see. One day you’ll be partying in Sydney, and the next, visiting the expansive Blue Mountains. A road trip in Australia could see you road-tripping from Snowy Mountains to red earth in the Outback to tropical beaches in Queensland, all in the same week! With so many incredible places to explore, it takes time to figure out where to start. Every traveler has personal preferences in the activities and experiences they do. That’s why we’ve put together an Australia trip planner with over 120 must-visit Australian things and destinations to add to your Australia bucket list. We’ve compiled this bucket list for Australia based on different types of experiences and travel preferences, so you can easily select the Australian highlights you prefer.

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What is Australia Famous For? And Why Visit Australia

Bondi Beach, Australia view.

Having traveled to over 50 countries worldwide, Australia is one of the standouts. The panoramic landscape, the thousands of miles of beaches, the open roads, and the freedoms make it a country we love. This story is about one of our three favorite countries in the world- Australia. We answer the questions of many travelers “What is Australia famous for?” and “Why visit Australia?”

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Creating the Life You Love & Living the Dream Life

tree silhouette with fluffy clouds and sunset over calm water

Are you living the life you want? If not, you need to read this right now and start manifesting your dream life. When you start following your dreams, you will find you are happier. It is also better for your well-being and emotional and mental health. Don’t put off manifesting your dreams. Start today by reading these nine simple steps to creating the life you love & living the dream life.

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7 Bucket List Countries for Trips of a Lifetime

Cascading hot springs

The countries that offer monumental trips of a lifetime have a large number of attractions, including impressive architecture, breathtaking landscapes, delicious food, distinctive culture, and diverse adventures. The seven bucket list countries in this post include this and so much more. They are a must for your travel destination bucket list.

Of the 50 countries we have traveled to, some we have visited a few times, and a couple of them we love the lifestyle so much that we return annually. With so many fascinating countries in the world, it is hard to pick our favorites. Every country we visit offers unique once in a lifetime trips. But these seven bucket list countries are among our favorites, and they are countries we want to return to. We highly recommend you visit them at least once in your life! Keep reading to discover the seven bucket list countries and why they will provide you with trips of a lifetime.

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Our 3 Favourite Places in India

Arambol Sweet Water Lake in Goa, India

We’ve visited over 50 countries, and India is one of our favourites. We consider it one of our “Top ten countries in the world.” We feel this way because India is a tourist paradise with everything we love, such as beaches, ruins, temples, architecture, culture and food. There are many dream places to visit in India, however our favourite places in India offer these things, and also something unique to anywhere else in the world. Please keep reading to discover the best holiday destinations in India.

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Why Travel to India – One of our Top 10 Countries!


Recently, we have looked at photos of our travels over the last twenty years. With over 50 countries visited, it has been a lot of fun reminiscing. It has prompted us to think about our favourites. Therefore, we have started a series of our top 10 countries in the world. In no particular order, we will list which ten countries are our favourites and why you should visit them one day. We are starting the series with India, which is one of our top picks. This post is about why we love India and why we think you need to travel to India one day.

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About Travelling – a reflection piece on 5 years of full time travel


It has been five years since I left my job and began full time travel. And today I leave my home I have lived in for the last three months. I go with mixed feelings as I am happy here. I’ve enjoyed living on a tropical island and becoming a part of local life. I don’t want to leave yet, but it’s time to create new adventures. And to see somewhere new. But mostly, the Thai visa has run out!

Reflections on the Travel Bug

Meanwhile, I reflect on my first overseas road trip. The epic 22 state road trip in North America was an exciting place for two teenage Australian girls. My sister and I rushed from city to city to see as much as we could in 3 months.

After that, the travel bug bit hard and I never stopped travelling. First I travelled solo across Europe and the Middle East. And later, in Asia, where I met my partner and travel companion.

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