Cairns & Tropical North Queensland – Top 7 things to do

Cairns & Tropical North Queensland has everything you need to enjoy the best holiday ever. The mix of coral reefs, isolated beaches, lush rainforests, and scenic ocean road drives make Cairns our favorite place to explore in Australia. Please keep reading to discover our Top 7 things to do in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland.


Northern Territory’s Red Centre – will you dare to go to the Aussie Outback?

There are a few things that you should know about the Australian Outback and the Red Centre. One – it’s very red out there! They don’t call the area around Ayers Rock and Alice Springs the Red Centre for nothing, you know! Arriving in the Northern Territory Outback from New South Wales and the gradual…

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The Fruit Picking Dream – Picking, Packing, and Pruning my way across Australia

Even before I had disembarked the plane, I had heard you could earn bucket loads of money doing harvest work. So I ended up working my way from Sydney all around Australia. From the chilly mornings pruning grape vines in the Hunter Valley to the warm, refreshing sea and panoramic, tropical vistas in Queensland picking…