Best Australian Things for Your Australia Bucket List

View of natural arch.

Traveling around Australia is incomparable due to its diversity. From breathtaking beaches and tropical rainforests to towering mountains and rugged landscapes, there’s no shortage of stunning sights to see. One day you’ll be partying in Sydney, and the next, visiting the expansive Blue Mountains. A road trip in Australia could see you road-tripping from Snowy Mountains to red earth in the Outback to tropical beaches in Queensland, all in the same week! With so many incredible places to explore, it takes time to figure out where to start. Every traveler has personal preferences in the activities and experiences they do. That’s why we’ve put together an Australia trip planner with over 120 must-visit Australian things and destinations to add to your Australia bucket list. We’ve compiled this bucket list for Australia based on different types of experiences and travel preferences, so you can easily select the Australian highlights you prefer.

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What is Australia Famous For? And Why Visit Australia

Bondi Beach, Australia view.

Having traveled to over 50 countries worldwide, Australia is one of the standouts. The panoramic landscape, the thousands of miles of beaches, the open roads, and the freedoms make it a country we love. This story is about one of our three favorite countries in the world- Australia. We answer the questions of many travelers “What is Australia famous for?” and “Why visit Australia?”

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The Grove Scenic Reserve – a Golden Bay hidden gem

Rock formations at The Grove

With so many excellent short walks in Golden Bay, it is hard to choose a favourite. However, the Grove Scenic Reserve is a strong contender for the hidden gem award. The magical grove walk makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. Though there are many impressive Golden Bay attractions, the unique landscape found at The Grove Takaka makes it a place you should add to your must-visit list.

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Labyrinth Rocks Park Easy Walk, Epic Rock Landscapes & Otherworldly Atmosphere

Labyrinth Rocks Park limestone karst rock formations

The otherworldly Labyrinth Rocks Park in Golden Bay is a New Zealand South Island highlight; we especially recommend it for nature lovers and rock landscape lovers.

New Zealand’s Golden Bay allows visitors the opportunity to visit incredible beaches, take walks on spectacular trails, and view many fascinating natural attractions. Our favourite things to do in Golden Bay include the short nature walks with stunning scenery, such as the walk to Wainui Falls, Pupu Springs, and Grove Scenic Reserve. We love the rock landscapes at Grove Scenic Reserve, however, Labyrinth Rocks is less visited.

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Te Anau to Milford Sound Road Trip

Water view of the cruise on Milford Sound

After many years on the travel bucket list, we finally made it to Milford Sound. We love road trips, so we chose to travel by road from Te Anau to Milford Sound. We found the breathtaking scenery some of the best in New Zealand. Further, the drive to Milford Sound from Te Anau is one of the best road trips in the country. Therefore, we highly recommend a self-drive tour.

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Why Travel to India – One of our Top 10 Countries!


Recently, we have looked at photos of our travels over the last twenty years. With over 50 countries visited, it has been a lot of fun reminiscing. It has prompted us to think about our favourites. Therefore, we have started a series of our top 10 countries in the world. In no particular order, we will list which ten countries are our favourites and why you should visit them one day. We are starting the series with India, which is one of our top picks. This post is about why we love India and why we think you need to travel to India one day.

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Human By Nature in Kerala Backwaters

Palm trees In Kerala Backwaters India

Some travellers visit Kerala, in South India, for the breathtaking coastlines, the gorgeous mountains and the glorious tropical beaches. Others want to experience the tea plantations, lively cities, tasty spicy food, abundance of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. There are so many reasons to visit, but for us, the vibrant culture, the welcoming people and nature in Kerala are the greatest reasons. Kerala is Human by Nature, and it was our experiences in Kerala with both humans and nature that were some of the highlights of our visit to India. In Kerala, we were met with kindness everywhere we went. Strangers went out of their way to ask if we needed help or to say hello. Furthermore, our boat trips on Kerala’s backwaters are highlights of our travels in over 50 countries.

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