The road less travelled to Sarajevo, Bosnia


Bosnia is not a road many people would take.
I hadn’t heard many appealing things about the place. There were no must-see attractions that people had mentioned on their bucket lists. I had only seen the war movies. And I had perceived it as an unappetising place. Yep, it sure didn’t sound like Paris, drinking coffee and munching croissants.

However, these are days of easy travel, and the world is getting very small. It’s hard to find a different culture without queuing behind hundreds of tourists to view a stone bed that was once a brothel. It’s hard waiting patiently for a bus tour group to idle by. Especially the noisy crowd following its flagged leader.

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Mountains, Temples, Islands & Seafood Feasts in Greece


An overland bus trip from Corfu to Meteora to Delphi.

After 6 months in Europe and the threat of “Winter Is Coming”, ever since the 13 degrees Celsius of Dubrovnik, we travel bugs continued on the eternal favourite longterm backpacker habit of chasing the sun.

This overland journey from Croatia took us through some exciting countries off the beaten track (for Europe anyway). We were reluctant to leave our authentic experiences in Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania. Thus, it was a month before we finally got to the Greek Islands. Sadly, the weather reports we had seen in  the last month promising scorching 30 degrees heat were no longer current. It was now a balmy 18 degrees. Never mind, at least the tourist masses had gone home for the winter, and we enjoyed our leisurely travels without the usual crowds found at major attractions.

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The call of the Magical, Mystical land of Myanmar


I had heard of the mystical road to Mandalay, ever since I was a child. I had a strong desire to see this spiritual, magical country. As the years passed, along with many aspirations to travel to many different lands, I forgot the yearning until I started travelling in Asia in my 20s.

I fell in love with Asia the first time I went there. We started a long and magnetic relationship, and I could never stay away for too long.

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The Travelling Aussie Escapes – A Travel Adventure


For years I travelled the world looking for a bit of excitement after I had left school. I was after a bit of the unusual and a lot of adventure. I wanted to discover places untouched and unseen (except for the Coke bottles of course).

This journey took me across many continents and many nations. I saw many diverse and exciting things, experienced new cultures, and pondered at the beauty of the natural sights.

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How Travel in My 20s Changed My Life


When I was in my late teens, I had a longing to go to The United States of America. TV soaps from the USA showed it as an exciting place full of fun, adventure and beauty. To me, it was the centre of the world!

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