Find a tropical paradise in Southern Thailand


Greetings from Southern Thailand, we are going to be kicking back here slow travel for the next few months. As it’s the Tropics, anything can happen! And the problem with finding a Tropical Paradise? We never want to leave!

So it’s our 17th trip here to our beloved Thailand. Yes, 17th! We have been coming here since the late 90s where we met in Koh Samui when it was an undeveloped backpacker paradise.

Since then we have travelled all around Thailand though there are many places we would still like to visit.
These days we mostly spend our time on Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

We find the relaxed way of life refreshing, the warm air and seas rejuvenating and living our lives in a simple basic bungalow on the waters edge for a few months each year as ‘Living our Dream.’


Lunch in Thailand always ends up being a delicious Feast – Panang Curry Chicken, Fried Morning Glory, Garlic & Black Pepper Squid, Fresh Cold Coconut to drink & eat.
Dinner includes more tasty and healthy treats with beers and cocktails included. In Comparison, with our stodgy Western diet, we feel healthier eating Thai food, and we naturally lost weight.

Besides our dining and drinking extravaganza we spend our days snorkelling and exploring the seas, we ride around exploring the surrounding village, temples and jungle.

Often at night, we will start with sunset drinks followed by music and dancing at one of the cool clubs or parties on the waterfront or scattered around the islands.

Thailand-Koh-Phangan-hammock-seasideWe are sure that everyone would agree you could just lay all day in a hammock gazing at the sea, jungle and boats.

We are never short of stimulation now that there’s Internet and all day to be a student of the world. Or just perhaps some Netflix.

The only thing that is missing is work. But don’t worry about that, there are times and places for everything. Yes, sure we have worked and will work again. People always make time for work. For now, we choose to find time to put energy into other things, things that invoke passion within us.
There is a new meaning to the word work when you don’t need to think about it as a means for survival. When you are happy to do something for free, that is called Passion. Geoff will often be found cleaning up grounds, planting vegetable gardens for locals and making rock walls for anyone with a passion for stone. I am always online sharing my love of travel and exploring the world, with hopes of inspiring a new generation of travellers to live a life of travel.

So our days, nights and weeks are filled with relaxation and pleasure, good times and passions. A person could not ask for anything more.
Feeling lucky and blessed.
The only thing I could ask for is that our family and friends could live this lifestyle with us.

Thailand-Koh-Phangan-resort-viewThanks for reading.
Stay Tuned. We will share our tips, secrets and inspirations to help you too to live a life of travel.

Wishing you Lots of happy travels and adventures,


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